Accepting Donations

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Chirrpy gives you the option to allow donations through your event page.  All you need to do is create tickets for your event and set the ticket type as Donation


1.  Log into your Chirrpy account and click Create a New Event or Edit Event.


2.  Under the Ticketing portion of the Event Page, enter the Ticket Name and Ticket Description. You can use the Ticket Description to explain what the ticket is good for or if proceeds go to a charitable organization.Select the Start & End Date of availability for your ticket. Then select Donation as the Ticket Type.


3. You can also choose to add a Registration Field. By default, Chirrpy requires an attendee to provide a name and email. You can read more on adding registration fields here: 

4.  Once you have completed these steps, finish editing the rest of the event information and click "Update Event" or "Continue".


For more help, take a look at the attached video below!  

Please contact Chirrpy Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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