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Your dashboard will automatically open on the “Your Events” Tab where you can view your upcoming, past, and draft events.



  1. Manage Coupons: Here you can add coupon/discount codes to be used on any of your events. Discount codes can be a percentage or a fixed dollar amount and can be applied to whichever tickets you choose for as long as you choose.
  2. Reports: The Reports section allows you to see your profit from the all of your events side-by-side in a bar graph. These reports are available in weekly and monthly views
  3. Financial Settings: Here you can choose or change your payment gateway.
  4. Purchased Tickets: Chirrpy understands that you may like to attend events as much as you like creating them- so we created a tab that will hold any of the tickets you purchase for yourself to your own or other events!
  5. Edit Profile: Here you can edit the name, email, and password of your account.
  6. Edit Address: Here you can enter or edit your billing address. This is helpful in case Chirrpy ever needs to send you something through the mail like a hard copy of an invoice or a form of payment.
  7. Account Balance:
  8. Attendees: This shows you a list (that you can also export) of all the attendees going to your event.
  9. Purchases: This is a list of the purchasers of your event tickets (this is different than the attendees because purchasers will purchaser more than one ticket and assign them to other people who will be counted as attendees)
  10. Edit: This allows you to edit your event in any form! NOTE: Currently, all editing capabilities are shut off once the event is live and the first ticket sells. This is for security reasons. We are working on a different process to provide this security but in the meantime if you have anything you would like to edit after an event sells a ticket, you can contact your Account Manager who will happily make the edits in the backend for you! 
  11. Delete Event: Deletes the draft of the event
  12. Preview: This gives you a preview of your event and the updated edits while it is in draft mode.
  13. Publish: This publishes your event so it is live and ready to sell tickets! Your URL will also be available once it is published- if you would like to change/customize your URL, please contact your Account Manager!


NOTE: For security purposes, editing the event will be disabled after your event is live and the first ticket is sold. If you wish to edit this, please contact Chirrpy support or your Account Manager. 


Please contact Chirrpy Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.       

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