Resending Tickets

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In the event your Attendee loses their ticket, you as the Organzier have the ability to resend a ticket.


To resend a ticket:

1.  Log into you Chirrpy account at


2.  From the Event Dashboard, under the "Your Events" tab, click on the Shopping Cart Icon next to the event from which you will be resending the ticket.



3.  You can search for the Purchase using the search tool or scroll through the list.



4.  Once you have found the Purchaser, you can then click on the Send Ticket button.



5.  You will then see a confirmation pop-up confirming the ticket(s) was resent.



NOTE: Only entire purchases can be refunded and resent at this time. For partial refunds, please contact Chirrpy Customer Support or your Account Manager.


NOTE: Resending a ticket sends the SAME ticket to the purchaser. These tickets will show an error on the Chirrpy Scanner App if attempted to be used more than once. 


For more help, take a look at the attached video below!  

If you have any additional questions, please contact Chirrpy Support.

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