Refunding Tickets and Orders

Chirrpy Customer Support -

Chirrpy allows you to cancel and refund an entire Order.

At this time, individual tickets within a multiple ticket purchase cannot be refunded by the Event Organizer. If this is needed, please contact your Account Manager or Chirrpy Support.


1. Log into your Chirrpy Account.


2. Under the "Your events" tab, click on the Shopping Cart Icon next to the event in which you wish to refund the order from.



3. Type in the name of the Purchaser or click through the pages of the list.



4. Once you have found the Purchaser, you can cancel the order by clicking on the "Refund" button. *Please note: Canceling an order will cancel all tickets under that order.




Once cancellation has been confirmed, you will see a message appear confirming cancellation of the order.


For more help, take a look at the attached video below! 

Please contact Chirrpy Support if you have any additional questions.

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