Using Gateway with your Chirrpy account

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To use Authorize.Net with your Chirrpy account follow the instructions below.


1. Log into your Authorize.Net account and make sure you can charge a card successfully through your Authorize.Net gateway.  This should be done in Test Mode.


2.  Once you have successfully performed a test transaction, make sure your Authorize.Net account is out of Test Mode.


3.  In your Authorize.Net account, go to Settings and click API Login ID and Transaction Key.  Copy this information for use within your Chirrpy account.


4. Now go to to create a new account or log into your account and a new event.



5. Select your preferred Payment Gateway after entering all other event details and clicking the "Continue" Button at the bottom of the Create Event Page.


AFTER CLICKING "CONTINUE" choose the option "Add Account Details"...

If you do not already have a merchant account, you can sign up for an account here




NOTE: If you ever want to change the payment gateway- you can do so by following the instructions below:

From your Event's Dashboard, click the "Financial Settings" tab. 

Next, click the drop-down under 'Select Payment Gateway'. You can then select the method you wish to use and add the correct credentials.




NOTE: Chirrpy Payments (Powered by Anovia) is the default gateway for all events. If you choose to continue to your account without choosing a gateway, you will not be able to sell tickets until you update your processor information.


Please contact Chirrpy Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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