Setting Up Your Authorize.Net Account

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1. First make sure you can charge a card successfully through your gateway. To do this, while the account is in test mode, attempt to charge a card some $ amount using the Virtual Terminal. There's a link to the Virtual Terminal from the home screen in If everything is setup correctly and your account is properly linked to your merchant processor, this should be successful.

2. Take the account out of test mode. To do that, click on the "Settings" link under the "Account" header in the left column of the home screen, Then click the link towards the bottom that says "Test Mode" and follow the instructions from there to turn test mode off and the live environment on. At this point, I would take your own credit card and put through a live charge of $1 using the virtual terminal, just to make sure everything is also working in the live environment.

3. Now that your account is all setup to make charges, connecting it to Chirrpy is simple. Again, go to the settings screen. This time, click on the link "API Login ID and Transaction Key" From this screen, you will need to get both your API Login ID and your Transaction Key. The API Login ID should be there in plain sight. The transaction key you will need to generate. After you do, make sure you make a record of it, because doesn't display your key anywhere after it's generated.

4. After you have both pieces of information, login to your Chirrpy account and click on the "Payment" link in the settings area (the cog wheel on the top left). Select and enter in both your API Login ID and your Transaction Key. Keep in mind, if you ever need to re-generate your Transaction Key, you will need to come back to this screen to update it within Chirrpy as well.

5. In order to save this step, you need to sign-up for auto-pay, which means Chirrpy will automatically charge your card for service fees (we do this weekly, on Tuesdays). This way, we know we get paid on time and you don't have to remember to pay an invoice. To sign-up, simply enter your card number and expiration date and click "Save Changes."

You can do these steps at any time and don't need to worry about buyers completing a ticket purchase at the exact time that you make the change. Those with tickets in their cart prior to you completing step 5, will go through the normal Chirrpy merchant account processing.

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