Choosing Who Pays Chirrpy's Fees

Chirrpy Customer Support -

Chirrpy gives you the option to include the Chirrpy processing and ticketing fee into the price of the ticket.  

In order to pass along the Chirrpy fees, you will need to check the circle "Ticket Fees Paid by Attendee" at the bottom of the Create Event or Edit Event page. The Attendee will then pay the ticket cost + fees.



If you wish for your Attendees NOT to pay any extra fees, click the "Ticket Fees Paid by Organizer". The fees will then be taken out of the Event Organizer's sales.


 This choice applies to all ticket types under that event. If you wish not pass fees only on certain tickets- contact Chirrpy Support or your Account Manager. 


Please contact Chirrpy Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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