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Creating an event with Chirrpy is simple.


To Create your event, click on "Create An Event" on the homepage.



Step 1 - Event Details

1.  After clicking "Create An Event," you will be prompted to create an account or log into an existing account. If you are creating an account, don't forget to accept the terms & conditions!


2.  From there, you will be dropped into the Chirrpy dashboard where you have two options to Create an event (circled below).



3.  Fill in your Event Name


4. Next is the Event Description. You can edit font size & color, add links, bullet points, text alignment, and add media into the description.  For a more detailed article on the event description editor please press [INSERT LINK]. 


5. Next is the event location.  If you have not created an event before then you will need to click Add a Location.

Fill out Venue Location Name, Venue Address, the Venue's City and Zipcode.

If you have created an event before, then simply click the venue drop down arrow and select a previous venue!


6. Next is filling out the date and time information. If you have an all day event, check the 'All day event' box. Otherwise, you will need to selected a start date, start time, end date, and end time of your event.

After that, you have the option to send out email reminders to all your attendees reminding them that your event is coming up in so many days. For example, if you want an email reminder sent out 2 days before your event then simply put '2' in the email reminder box!


 7. After that you have the option to upload an event promo image which will be placed at the top of your event page. To upload an image, simply click 'Choose File' and select an image from your device. The suggested size of your image is 750px by 420px, but feel free to play around with the sizes!

Creating Tickets

1.  Chirrpy gives you the ability to create free, paid, and donation tickets.

But first, you need to start by deciding how many types of tickets you want for your event. For example, if you want a Friday General Admission and a Saturday General Admission you will click the drop down arrows and select 2.


2. Once you have chosen how many tickets, you are ready to fill out your first ticket form. Start with filling out the ticket name (i.e. Friday General Admission).  You have the option to describe the ticket type, but it is not required.

3. Next you choose when you want the tickets to go on sale. This date and time will reflect the date your tickets are available to the public. Start by clicking the 'On Sale From' box and a calendar will pop up just below, then select the date you wish to start selling tickets!

Don't forget to add a specific start time (right below 'On Sale From') for when your tickets go on sale! To do so, simply click in the box and multiple time options will appear.  Make sure to fill out the end date and time for when your ticket sales will end in the 'On Sale To' and 'Until Time' boxes.

 4. Next you will have the option of which ticket type you want the ticket to be (i.e. for sale, donation, or free). If you select 'For Sale,' make sure to fill out the ticket price and the number available for that ticket. Free and Donation tickets do not require a ticket price but will require a number available!

 Creating Custom Registration Fields

If there is a field that isn't shown on our ticket form then you can create a custom one! To start click on 'Add New Registration Field.'

From here, a popup will open and prompt you to fill out a title, type of registration field, and if the question is required for the attendee to fill out. For example, if you wanted to sell a ticket/t-shirt bundle ticket type then you could add T-Shirt size as a registration field (shown below).

If your registration field is required, you can fill out a Required Error message that will pop up telling the attendee to go back and fill out that field!

Once you have filled this out, simply press 'Add New Registration Field.'

5. Next is your financial fees for your event. You need to decide whether you want the ticketing fees passed onto your attendees to pay OR you pay for all of the ticketing fees. Once you have decided, simply click on a circle next to 'Ticket Fees Paid by Attendee' or 'Ticket Fees Paid by Organizer.'

Lastly, choose the time zone that your event will be in. Once you have done that click continue to choose a payment gateway!



Choosing a Payment Gateway

1.  Chirrpy offers three different types of payment gateways: PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Chirrpy Powered by Annovia. To find out more details about the different payment gateways please refer to [INSERT ARTICLE LINK].


Publishing Your Event

Once you have completed the steps listed above, you will be brought to your Chirrpy Dashboard.

Once you are ready to publish your event page and start selling tickets, click on the world icon to publish your event!

For more information on the Chirrpy dashboard and all of it's features please refer to [INSERT ARTICLE]


NOTE: For security purposes, editing the event will be disabled after your event is live and the first ticket is sold. If you wish to edit your event after your first ticket purchase, please contact Chirrpy support or your Account Manager. 


Please contact Chirrpy Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.


For more help, take a look at the attached video below!

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