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Creating tickets with Chirrpy is easy.

1.  Log into your Chirrpy account and click "Create a new event." Or if you wish to edit tickets in a draft or live event, click the pencil "Edit" button next to your event. 

-- OR --

2.  Scroll down to the Tickets portion of the Event Editor and choose the number of ticket types you would like to sell.


3.  Create a Ticket Name and Description (optional).  You have the option to include the ticket's description on the order and ticket confirmation email.  This description will not display on the eticket.Select the Date & Time you will Start & Stop selling your ticket. Clicking in the Date section will generate a calendar for you to select the Dates. Next, you will want to select the type of ticket, Free, Donation, or Paid.  If Paid, then you can enter the price of the ticket and how many are available.



4.  Next you can select which information you would like to collect from your Attendees.  By default, Chirrpy will collect the name and email of the attendee. If you wish to add a registration field, such as T-shirt size, Birthday, or have the attendee upload a file- click "Add Registration Field" and fill out the necessary information. For detailed instructions on adding a registration field, visit this article:


5.  If you are editing a drafted or live event ticket, make sure you push "Update Ticket" within the ticket editing form before updating your event.


6. You have the option at the bottom of the Event Page to pass along Chirrpy's processing fees to your attendees by unselecting the option include fee in ticket price (checked, you will be paying all fees).


NOTE: For security purposes, Editing/Adding tickets will be disabled after your event is live and the first ticket is sold. If you wish to add/edit tickets, please contact Chirrpy support or your Account Manager.


For more help, take a look at the attached video below! 

Please contact Chirrpy Support if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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