Understanding the Event Description Toolbar

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Event Description Editor

  1. Block Quote: Separates a block of text from the main paragraph
  2. Horizontal line: Creates a light horizontal line across the entire text area to create separations and space.
  3. Input/Edit Link: Makes a text become a link out to another webpage.
  4. Un-link: Takes a link away from a text.
  5. Read More Tag: Show the beginning excerpts of posts so readers can click “Read more…” to expand the post.
  6. Full-Screen: Make the Event Description Editor fill your entire computer screen.
  7. Justify: Make text evenly spaced from left to right margin (creating a boxed look). 
  8. Paste as Plain Text: Takes any encryption and formatting away from the outside source it is pasted from.
  9. Clear Formatting: Takes any previous formatting away.
  10. Special Character: Allows you to add less common letters/characters/symbols
  11. Undo/Redo: Allows you to “undo” your last action or “redo” what you just undid.
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